Tracy Secombe

Life Coach, Author, Inspirational Speaker, and Former Miss Australia (1997) Best-Selling Author 


In 2011/2012 Tracy became a “Thinking into Results” facilitator through the Proctor Gallagher Institute and began her coaching business, Potential Realized. 

In 2016 when Tracy’s beloved mother passed away, she was reminded of the importance of making time for herself and her family and consolidated from running three businesses to launching Soul Pleaser. Her mission is to help people know that they are enough without the need for approval from others, so that they can be who they are here to be and make the difference they are here to make. She does this through her online programs, coaching, retreats, books and public speaking. 

Tracy’s ability to engage an audience on a ‘Soul’ level is masterful. Her life experience coupled with her depth of professional expertise has enabled her to assist in transformations for many people.

Tracy grew up in Pt Lincoln in South Australia – a seaside country town, with her entrepreneur father and registered nurse mother, where she discovered physiotherapy through work experience in year 10.

Tracy ran her first two businesses during her years at University with her brother Craig – first the year 12 school jumper business – an idea her and her Dad Kevin brought home with them from the US, and the second a Newsagency.

After 7 years working in private practice as a physiotherapist, Tracy won the positions of Miss SA, Miss SA Fundraiser and Miss Australia 1997, leading to a full time ambassador role travelling Australia to promote the work of The Spastic Centres of Australia. During this year, Tracy met her Irish husband Damien who was travelling the world on a motorbike with his friend. They had their first daughter Aine in 1998, second daughter Ciara in 1999, and their son Teagan in 2005.


Enjoy the Journey (don’t wait to be happy)

Self-Care is not a luxury

The Power of Calmness

Sarah Kay
They will feel a sense of calmness and connection. They will say that they resonated with your storytelling and life journey lessons and were inspired to practice being present in the moment and seeking opportunities to feel gratitude. hope this helps.

Jody Burchell
They will feel like they are not going through things alone and that they can stop holding their breath because there are answers out there. They will feel empowered to start the journey to a place of calmness, self-love, and appreciation. And they will say… OMG, she gets me!!

Megan Wilson Tamlin
They will feel that life is full of possibilities & there is joy ahead

CM Armytage
They will be mesmerized by your calmness and loving energy. Or if they’re male, they’ll be scared

Sally Carter
They’ll be in awe of how “easy” life flows once they become a soul pleaser.

Brenda Flannagan
They will be happy and excited to know that finally, someone gets what they are going through. They will feel relief that there is help available to guide them through the tough stuff in life.

Nano Moody
They will feel emotions bubbling to the surface as you talk, tears of relief will flow knowing finally it’s starting to make sense to you, and excitement about the path ahead …. That it will be filled with more joy, happiness, and a beautiful sense of calmness

Diane Heasly
They will feel the freedom of opening up, vulnerable and not alone. They will have a sense of relief and fully resonate with what you are saying

Simone Dorrington
They will look at you and hear you and think I want that for myself. I want to be joyful and calm. They will be blown away that your story resonates with them so much that they will feel compelled to follow you

Chelsea Dahlenburg
The audience will all feel something, that is the joy of listening to Tracey. What each person feels will be unique for them at that moment. When you listen to Tracey the space she is able to hold open allows everyone to connect with each other and with what is being communicated through the energy within the room. This feeling of connection will enable you to view your life through a different lens, leaving you feeling calmer and less frantic. Attend to get on a different vibe, and watch your view change afterward.

Ali Cooke
Infinite wisdom, delivered in an easy-to-understand and easy-to-implement way, comes as a series of Ah-ha moments. It’s simple, practical stuff but life-changing…

Andrew Roberts
The audience feels lighter, more connected, and more at peace with themselves.

David Westbrook
After hearing you speak, the audience feels an inspiring realization of empowerment to be the person they want to be and achieve their dreams.

Tracy can connect with the audience, from a place of vulnerability and grace.  She has the unique ability to quieten a room and allow the audience to take a lot of pressure off themselves. You feel 10 years lighter after listening to Tracy talk.  I have used her to present at my own business (to 350 plus clients) and referred her to some friends who run workshops and all of them have told me Tracy was voted their favourite speaker.

Andrew Roberts

I had so many ‘aha’ moments where things just clicked for me.

Adele Myers

The content is life-changing and beautifully presented.

Trudi Oxley

Passionate and life changing. Tracy will completely change the game for you, help you uncover what you value most and spend time living your best life.

Sam Johnsson

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