Susan Knapp

Chief Engagement Officer and Founder

In2Ed Africa
Susan Knapp

Born in Adelaide, Australia, Susan Knapp is an international speaker, trainer, educator, consultant, thought leader and author. Her book Nothing is Too Big holds the intention of creating wisdom from woe and the power of possibility when we actualize our purpose. Almost 30 years abroad in Africa, Asia and The Middle East, Susan has four incredible children. Two adopted from Kenya as babies and two she gave birth to in Qatar.

Susan has survived being held hostage in a bank in Kenya, a train overturning in the jungles of Thailand, losing her children for three years while she was held under country arrest in Qatar, physical and emotional domestic abuse and financial bankruptcy. Her talks activate audiences in the creation of gratitude, compassion, perspective, transformation and healing the intergenerational wounds we inherited, to present the best version of ourselves to our children and the world. In 2018 while in a state of potential homelessness and financial bankruptcy Susan received an unexpected inheritance and used it to build two schools in resource poor communities in Kenya.

Her educational developments now operate under the brand she created of In2EdAfrica. With the intention of instilling the values of contribution in her children, her three youngest aged 8, 12 and 18 all run their own social enterprises, have been interviewed on radio and television and create purpose driven businesses that channel profits into their projects in Kenya. 

As a family Susan and her children live a life of deliberate intention, where they make a conscious choice to live each day through peace, love and joy.

  • Rethinking Charity
  • From Bankruptcy to Gratitude
  • Nothing Is Too Big
  • Empathy in Action
  • Creating Purposeful Enterprise
  • How healing ourselves can change the world
  • Community First Leadership
  • How we can change the world by getting our Kids on Purpose
  • Transforming Woe into Wisdom
  • Finding then living one’s purpose,
  • Applying the wisdom of Africa to our everyday lives
  • Educating kids from a conscious paradigm

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