Ria Mestiza

Multi-Dimensional Mindset & Performance Leader, #1 Health & Wellness Coach Australia 2021, Founder – Fitsique Wellness & Performance, Host – ‘Summon Your SuperHuman’ Podcast, Speaker & Entrepreneur.


Voted the #1 Health and Wellness Coach in Australia for 2021, Ria Mestiza  is a multi-dimensional Mindset & Performance leader to ambitious high achievers who are ready to own their health on a holistic level and upgrade their lifestyle for optimization and longevity. Founder of Fitsique Wellness & Performance and the host of “Summon Your Superhuman” Podcast, Ria empowers people to stand in their power and maximize their strength and potential. She is passionate about knowledge with a relentless commitment to growth for herself and transmutes this to those she works with.


She is a true all-in-one health practitioner and coach specializing in harmonizing and healing practices, such as Remedial Therapy, Kinesiology, Energy-Based and Frequency-Based modalities. With over 25 years’ experience in training & nutrition as a competitive athlete. She has been transforming clients and speaking to audiences all over the world with a sheer dedication to impact & inspire a lifestyle beyond expectations.

Highly in demand as both a Keynote Speakers and Training Facilitator, Ria has presented to audiences in both Australia and Overseas.  

  • Inner Work – Empowering Self Love & Potential
  • High Performance Playbook
  • Inner Work – Clarity & Confidence
  • Holistic Harmony – Wholeness & Wellness
  • How to be a Heart-Led Leader

Audiences have given feedback that is consistent with inspiring people to take immediate action and eliminate stagnant patterns/beliefs. Set new programs and standards. They always note their key takeaways and what they learnt. Especially how clearly Ria is able to communicate complicated topics into digestible downloads of useful information. Ria teaches how she likes to learn – “show me how this is applicable to me and how I can apply this in my life – and it shows in how people respond to what I teach.” 


“Words cannot describe how much Ria has helped me connect to who I am and what I am capable of achieving.”


“I feel like a new woman. I’ve never felt so focused and clear of where I’m heading towards in life.”


“I am not the same person I was before I met you. Your words, your example, your belief has transpired into the me I strive to be.”


“You are destined to teach Ria. When you speak, you speak to the souls of people. It’s no wonder the outcomes you seek come to fruition. People trust you because you’re so genuine and generous in all you do.”


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