Michaela Andreyev

The Story Keeper

Michaela Andreyev

Michaela Andreyev is passionate about story telling in all its forms and for over 30 years she’s been finding great stories and sharing them with others.

Her career began in book publishing with Random House Sydney and then London. After 10 rewarding years with Random, Michaela established her own publishing house in Adelaide. That was nearly 20 years ago!

For the past decade Michaela has combined her bespoke publishing business with full-time work as ABC Radio Adelaide’s Mornings Producer.

  • Michaela was lead producer for the ABC Radio Adelaide Mornings program for the last 10 years.
  • She’s worked with presenters David Bevan, Ali Clarke, Ian Henschke, Michael Smyth and Carole Whitelock. They’ve all taught her something different.
  • Michaela has met people from all walks of life covering the daily news, emergencies, politics, legal, music, health, literature and so much more. 
  • Weary of the 24-hour news cycle, Michaela now wants to focus on the stories of everyday people.
  • She knows that when people take time to reflect on their life, however ordinary they think it’s been, the extraordinary has a way of taking care of itself. Everyone has a tale worth telling.
  • What Story Keeper clients talk about varies. One lady recorded the bedtime stories she’d told her children so they could be passed down the generations. Another client reflected on her religious beliefs, the books and historical moments that had shaped her and what marriage and family means to her. 

In 2022 Michaela took a step back from public broadcasting to follow her passion for the stories of everyday people and launched, The Story Keeper. It’s an interview service to help people record their life story in spoken form.

Michaela says, “It’s an enjoyable and life-affirming process for the storyteller – and a real privilege for me”.

Chronological Career Timeline

  • Michaela started her working life in book publishing for 10 years with Random House in Sydney and London. 
  • On her return to Adelaide, she established a non-fiction publishing house for the Gerard Corporation named East Street Publications where for the next 10 years she published books such as Through My Eyes by Lindy Chamberlain and Rock Star; The story of Reg Sprigg by Kristin Weidenbach. 
  • When her business partner moved overseas, she pivoted to become an ABC Radio producer for the next 10 years (but continued to publish bespoke books on the side for corporate clients).

Just for fun!

  • Just launched a literary podcast called Tsundoku – that’s Japanese for the pile of books beside your bed that you never read! Her co-hosts are Cath Kenneally, Annie Hastwell and Sarah Martin…all hail from a literary and radio background.
  • Very keen walker. Has a mostly theoretical interest in cooking and gardening.

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