Michaela Andreyev

Interviewer, moderator and proprietor of The Story Keeper.

Michaela Andreyev

Former Publisher and ABC Radio Producer, Michaela Andreyev is the proprietor of The Story Keeper; a bespoke life story recording service. Michaela captures stories in spoken or written form to create books or record oral history.

Above all, Michaela knows how to listen and bring out the best in others, making those in her company truly shine.

Michaela is an experienced interviewer and loves moderating the conversations of others. 

Taking you behind the scenes of an ABC radio studio and into the heart of the publishing world, her personal story is one of passion and reinvention, always with an eye on the next good yarn.

Michaela talks about the art of capturing voice and the importance of recording family history.

She discusses the life-affirming process of sharing stories and the therapeutic value of being heard

Michaela Andreyev is passionate about storytelling in all its forms and for over 30 years she’s been finding great stories and sharing them with others.

Her career began in book publishing with Random House Sydney and then London. After 10 rewarding years, Michaela established her own publishing house in Adelaide. Another decade later Michaela combined her bespoke publishing business with full-time work as ABC Radio Adelaide’s Mornings Producer. In 2022 Michaela took a step back from public broadcasting to follow her passion for the stories of everyday people and launched, The Story Keeper; an interview service to help people record their life stories in spoken or written form.

Michaela says, “When people take time to reflect on their life, however ordinary they think it’s been, the extraordinary has a way of taking care of itself. Everyone has a tale worth telling.”

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