Jamie Milne

Multiple Guinness World Record Holder *Author * Ultra Endurance Athlete * Award Winning Success Coach 

Based on the Sunshine Coast in Australia, Jamie Milne is the owner of the popular gym facility Jamie Milne Training and JMT Mindgym. A Father, Philanthropist Jamie is the JMT & JMT Mind Gym Director

🏆 Award Winning Success Coach

🌀Clinical Master Hypnotherapist

🧠 Cognitive Behavioural Therapist

😵‍💫 Master Practitioner of NLP

👤 Master Practitioner Time Line Therapy

🥇 Multiple Guinness World Record Holder

📕 Author Of Multiple Books 

🏃🏿 Ultra Endurance Athlete, as featured in the Award Winning Shot Imagery Documentary Wairua Spirit


Feats Of Endurance 

  • 1986 ( First 10km Fun Run Age 8 )
  • 1996-2003 Royal NZ Navy
  • 100 + Ultra Marathons – Excess of 100km
  • 2009 Ran Cairns To Townsville 320km in 2.5 Days 
  • 2010 Ran North Island NZ 800km in 11 Days
  • 2011 Ran North Island in opposite direction 800km in 11 days
  • 2012 Ran NZ South Island in 9 Days 900km
  • 2013 Ran England To top of Scotland with an 11kg Back pack in 9 days, 800km
  • 2014 Unofficial Burpee Broad Jump Record Cairns 3267 Burpee broads over 8.5km in 22 hours
  • 2015 Ran the circumstance of Tasmania 1500km in 15 days
  • 2016 Ran from Melbourne To The Sunshine Coast 2000km in 18 days
  • 2017 Ran The Western State of Australia 2000km in 18 days
  • 2018 Ran Full length of United Kingdom in 15 days 
  • 2018 Guinness World Record 24 Strict Pull Up Attempt 
  • 2019 Guinness World Record 12 Hour Double Under Record Attempt 
  • 2020 Guinness World Record 24 Hour Strict Pull Up Attempt take 2
  • 2021 Unofficial CrossFit Hero Work Out MURPH 24 hour Attempt
  • 2022 WWRW, 4 World Record attempts in one year ( GWR Most Burpees in 8 Hours January, GWR 24 Hour Strict Pull Ups June, 100km Ultra with a 20kg Back pack Oct, 8 Hour Double Under Dec )

Life Empowerment
Physical stamina
Guiness Book of Records Achievements
Success Coaching

“This man is a powerful blend of intellect and wisdom, he has lived a turbulent life and through that pain, he has found his purpose, spreading that like a positive virus.The attendees will leave with immediate “first steps” for change, resilience, tenacious resolve, undoubtable belief, and ENDURANCE.”

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