Eleanor Crawford

Manifestation Coach

Eleanor Crawford
Emotional balance
Mind – Subconscious & Conscious
Surviving the death of a child
Booze & Band-aid Boyfriends
Divorce & Surrender
Real & honest


Eleanor Crawford is a thought leader, speaker and coach in the manifestation space.

Her experiences & life story are movie making material and proof that humans can do hard shit.

Eleanor is an engaging, honest and insightful speaker who uses storytelling to inform and entertain.

Her emotional resilience and ability to find gifts in tragedy inspires her audiences to move forward with empowerment and determination.
Eleanor exudes calm, peace and gratitude as she shares her purpose with the world.

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“Elle is an exceptional woman. So much wisdom wrapped up in so much warmth. I would encourage any woman, who wants to let go of old versions of herself so that she can show up for life and relationship with a grounded and strong sense of self to spend more time with Elle.


“I love that Elle is so real. She is very genuine. She listens with empathy and doesn’t feel the need to fill any empty space if/when it arises. She is passionate about supporting women and this really shines through. I also love that she is happy to share elements of her own life and journey.